Toyota unveils a 'track focussed' version of the Corolla

6w ago


Toyota have revealed a 'track-inspired' version of their Corolla hatchback at the SEMA Auto show. They got help from Super Street magazine to create this more hardcore version of the Corolla. As you can see, there is now an aggressive looking body kit as well as a few other tweaks to the car.

Toyota have said that this car has been "tailored towards track use". It has been fitted with RS-R coilovers, Falken FK510 tyres which are attached to lightweight Volk wheels. I think these look really good. In addition to these, Toyota have added a new HPS intake, and a quad exhaust system which I'm sure will produce some great pops and bangs on the down shifts. Wilwood brakes have been added as well as the Corbeau bucket seats to keep you wedged in as you shoot round corners.

This is all we know thus far about it. Despite it being a Corolla, would you still buy one? I think I'm on the fence with this one.

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  • Wait.. it has got neon lights under the car?! THIS IS THE COOLEST CAR EVER!!

    15 days ago
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  • Nice! This car is actually not bad.

    1 month ago
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