Toyota wants to own the moon after dominating in the automobile sector

Toyota is collaborating with JAXA to prepare a moon-trundling vehicle and the name is easy to guess.

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Big heads who have got bank balance beyond their reckoning are ambitious to an extent that can't be measured. Collate that with insane ideas and the outcomes are generally unbelievable. Take the quintessence of Tesla. Even after nailing autonomous mobility, sending manned car to space and coming out with something as ridiculous as the Cybertruck, he is going a step further to widen the horizons of human thinking capacity by launching his own new brand, 'Neuralink' that seeks to built chips that can be implanted in the human skull to gain thinking capacity akin to a computer. How mind-boggling is that!

On similar lines, we now have Toyota who has entered into a joint venture with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) to build a reliable and innovative machine that can run on the surface of moon. You might have read my post on how a Cybertruck was modified to make it 'moon-worthy'. Toyota is doing something similar to that but expect it to be far more sensible and reliable, words that have been the bedrocks behind the company's advancement. However, more interesting is the name which expectedly, is called the Lunar Cruiser. Let's see if it intrigues people as much as the Land Cruiser SUV has done for ages.

This machine might leave you stupefied but in case you are chasing the dream of putting your foot on the moon, this is how it had to be contrived. According to some images released by Toyota, we can expect a boxy design with a squarish structure from which protrude large solar panels to provide juice to this mammoth. The wheels offer semblance of its gargantuan girth and are also illuminated in blue like most electric 'earth-friendly' vehicles today. Standing true to Toyota's tradition, it doesn't look as redundant as the Cybertruck. It gets round headlamps, a conventional grille with Toyota's logo embossed and brightened with LEDs and a massive glass area for superior visibility.

Toyota is taking the assistance of JAXA as they will be able to better examine the responsiveness of this vehicle to the harsh conditions persistent on moon. This laudable development seems to be going in full flow and at the rate that we might spectate the machine take flight to moon someday in the year 2030. To make this fabrication meet the power and heat dissipation targets, driving simulations will be conducted this year itself. In addition to this, trial production of tires and interior layout will also be worked upon. Toyota heralds that it won't be before the year 2024 that the actual design and engineering of the spacecraft will commence. One can expect the public debut of the most notable invention of the decade in my opinion in 2029, just a year prior to its exciting but challenging journey to moon.

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  • I actually like this concept, it looks much much better than the cybertruck.

      21 days ago
    • Yes, it looks acceptable to me to say the least.

        20 days ago
    • I actually like cybertruck. There are two types of people.

      1. Those who use pickup's as work horse no lift kits, no huge tyres.

      2. Those who converts there trucks into mini rigs(some of them look cool😃) and i think cybertruck fits that...

      Read more
        20 days ago