- The aftermath of driving through California Fires

Toyota will give this man a new car for using his Tundra to rescue people

Toyota just became the best car company in the world

2y ago

By Nitish Deshpande

A Toyota Tundra owner from the town of Paradise in California managed to save his life and the lives of many others during the ongoing wild fire across the region.

The SUV not only saved his life, he used it to go around and rescue patients from the local hospital. The above picture shows the aftermath of driving through the fire.

You can take a guess about the severity of the fire from the melted bumpers, headlights, grille, mirrors and charred door panels.

This post was later seen by Toyota USA and their response has delighted people.

The owner of the truck @the_pandra posted the picture of his Tundra with a caption saying this is his "Toyota commercial" after surviving the operation.

Everyone started tagging Toyota in the comments to bring this to their attention and soon after, the official Instagram account of Toyota USA posted a heart-warming comment.

The comment has more than 60,000 likes!

The comment has more than 60,000 likes!

The Japanese assured this hero to not worry about his damaged SUV because they were going to honor his bravery by giving him a brand new Tundra! How cool is that?!

The regions around Los Angeles are facing one of the worst fire outbreak ever. The wild fire which has been raging on for almost a week now has caused extensive damage by burning down homes, farms, cars and everything else that came in its way. The town of Paradise has been one of the most affected region by this fire.

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Comments (13)

  • PR done right! What a nice article to start my morning.

      2 years ago
  • πŸ˜’β€οΈπŸ‘ somebody give that Toyota PR person a medal.

      2 years ago
  • The indestructible Toyota, now saving lives. Such a wonderful article and thing to do by this man and by Toyota

      2 years ago
  • Not gonna lie, makes me want a Toyota Tundra more...

      2 years ago
  • They should park this in a museum next to the Top Gear Hilux as a testament to Toyota's reliability.

      2 years ago