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Toyota Yaris GRMN – 100 examples will make it to the UK

The hot Yaris will be limited to just 400 cars with a quarter of them landing on UK roads

4y ago

Finally, Toyota has announced that its limited run superhot Yaris the GRMN, is coming to the UK in abundance. Of the 400 cars to be built we will get 100 of them to terrorise traffic lights drag races nationwide. Even better is that all of them will have the wheel on the right (correct) side as well.

The GRMN is Toyota’s limited run attempt to give the likes of the outgoing Fiesta ST and the current RenaultSport Clio a bit of a sucker punch by being a bit more hardcore and slightly insane.

It’s powered by a 209bhp supercharged 1.8-litre motor borrowed from the Lotus Elise. To keep all those rampaging horsepowers in check, it comes with a proper Torsen limited-slip-differential and a Sachs suspension setup sitting 24mm lower than standard.

Credit - Toyota UK

Credit - Toyota UK

All of this power and trick setup gives the Yaris GRMN a fair lick of speed as well, 0-62mph being seen off in 6.3 seconds with a top speed of 143mph which is a lot for a tiny shopping cart of a hatchback. To rein in all this speed and fury, it’s equipped with massive 275mm grooved front brakes and four-pot callipers with 278mm rear discs completing the setup.

All of this trick hardware and speed along with the limited numbers comes at a price – and it’s a big one, £26,295 to be exact, which is a scary price for a car that is normally the chosen transport method for most of the UK’s pensioners.

Credit - Toyota UK

Credit - Toyota UK

Toyota is offering a finance deal meaning that a GRMN could be yours for just £299 per month. It's worth bearing in mind that for the same money you could get you behind the wheel of a GT86 or a Fiesta ST for a whole lot less cash.

The order book is open until October 2017, but if you hurry and place a deposit before 27 September, then Toyota will take you to Silverstone for a GRMN driving day.

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