- Credit: Toyota

Toyota's GR hypercar is looking pretty special

Toyota will be making at least 20 road-going units of the GR Super Sport.

Toyota surprised audiences by taking an unknown camouflaged LMP race car to Le Mans a few days ago, completing a lap around Circuit de le Sarthe driven by former Toyota Gazoo Racing driver Alex Wurz just before practice laps started - and speculations are circulating. This prototype has been under development for a few years now, and we hope to see it in the near-future dominating Hypercar class events in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Credit: Toyota

Credit: Toyota

We're not sure if this is the prototype for the LMP racer or the road-car, however under FIA regulations, a minimum of 20 road-going examples must be produced in order to compete in Le Mans - so Toyota will be producing a limited number of road-legal GR Super Sport cars.

Toyota revealed that this car pictured is a development convertible unit for testing, and we're likely to see a hybrid V6 powerplant from the Le Mans winning TS050 Hybrid, producing a claimed 735kW (986hp) of power for the road-car. Further details about the 20+ road-going examples have not been made available, but it seems to be based off of Toyota's current Le Mans racer and will likely act as a rival car to the likes of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG ONE.

Credit: Toyota

Credit: Toyota

Toyota has previously released teaser images of an upcoming LMP car, and it still seems to be in early stages of development, so we hope this lives up to our expectations when it's released in the future.


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Comments (16)

  • Is it just me or does it look tiny?

      27 days ago
    • That's the first thing that popped into my mind. It looks like an Ultima kit car, probably due to that tiny cabin in combination with that low windscreen..

        27 days ago
    • Arguably a good thing. Too many supercars are so damn enormous these days. I mean, just look at a Ferrari Testarossa parked next to a new Ford Focus! Usually you'd think that's a wide car, but not quite...

        27 days ago
  • This is awesome I love homologation specials

      26 days ago
  • LM-Hypercar regulations (which this car is bound to) stipulate no more than 700hp for the full system. So while I reckon the V6 stays, it'll probably be detuned to meet the threshold.

    Also: haven't I seen that car before? Or this article before?

      28 days ago
  • It's so ... little. Probably like a hyper cart for not so grown ups. LOVE IT. Remove that second seat! Four bolts, I'll just do it.

      23 days ago
  • Wait...Toyota can design and build their own high performance vehicle?

      24 days ago


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