Toyota's miniature pick-up truck fleet lends athletes a helping hand

2y ago


A fleet of miniature Toyota pick-up trucks have been helping competitors and officials at the World Championship in London.

The miniature radio-controlled Hilux trucks are being used in the throwing events, retrieving javelins, hammers and discuses. The vehicles are driven out to the object after it is thrown, and an official places it on the bed or roof-mounted holders before it is driven back to the competitors.

Powered by a 2600-watt brushless electric motor, the 1:4.44-scale trucks can get up to a speed of 24mph as they scurry across the infield. They can carry up to 10kg at a time, which is equivalent to one hammer, three discuses and three javelins.

In comparison, a standard Hilux, which has a 2.4-litre diesel engine, can carry just over a tonne.

The trucks were first used at the 2014 European athletics championships in Switzerland, and were built by engineer Christian Riedel.

Roman Isler, who is one of the drivers of the mini Hiluxes, said: “It’s a nice feeling to be standing in the middle of the field, surrounded by great athletes. The atmosphere in the stadium is amazing.”

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