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Toyota's president raced in the 24h of the Nurburgring under a fake identity

No, seriously

2y ago

Akio Toyoda, grandson of Toyota founder Kiichiro Toyoda, is about as big of a legend in the auto community as you can find on this planet. Whatever your opinion on Toyota the company, Toyoda the man is pretty epic. And he proved it once again this past weekend.

Toyoda has given the green light on low volume sports cars like the 86 and Supra in the past few years and he is a serious motorsports enthusiast. So much so in fact that he raced at the Nurburgring 24 hours this past weekend. Under a fake identity.

No, seriously.

Carbuzz has the story:

"He was noticed trying to enter this year’s race when someone spotted a "Mr Morizo” on the roster of Toyota’s drivers, with no first name being listed. Turns out Morizo is a pseudonym that Toyoda has used before.

The Drive later checked the story with Toyota, who confirmed "Mr Morizo" was indeed Mr. Toyoda and that the executive really did race in the famous endurance event.

Whoever says Toyota is boring is seriously wrong.

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Comments (24)

  • I love the enthusiast left in that guy. Glad there are people like him in Toyota which makes them build interesting cars like the Yaris GRMN, Supra, and the 86. A true automotive entrepreneur should have love in cars, not just boring people who only look at charts and stock sales.

      2 years ago
    • Agree 100%

        2 years ago
    • how that guy could get the pile of garbage BMW dressed up as a Supra is just plain sad. we went from the glorious 2JZ-GE/2JZ-GTE to that pile of garbage BMW engine in the latest "supra"

      I buy all toyota, all the time, but I heard the v8 is being...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • His racing spirit seems lost in translation to the cars...

      2 years ago
  • Toyota is boring

      2 years ago
    • You are seriously wrong

        2 years ago
    • BMW z4 rebadged as a "supra"? yeah, toyota sells driving appliances now.

      very very well made driving appliances. v8 being phased out of pickups, and performance naturally aspirated stuff all but gone.

        1 year ago
  • He's such a legend.

      2 years ago
    • yeah, the guy who turned toyota into a "driving appliance" company and using a piece of garbage BMW z4 with a crap motor dressed up as a "supra"

        1 year ago
  • He's been doing this on and off for a couple of years, especially before they retired the LFA (for shame). I remember one year he even swapped cars with Dr. Ulrich Bez (then CEO of Aston Martin). A real car guy. If not for him there probably won't be the Toyota 86 which I proudly own.

      2 years ago