Track day vs touge

On a track day, it makes you Neo R3 looks juvenile. But when driving in touge, it's all by yourself!

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There is no doubt about track day, it's safer and fun. Track day provides you a great chance to drive as fast as you want, be a bit more rebel than your normal daily driving schedule. Track day allows you to drive fast without getting a speeding ticket, it makes you had lots of fun with your mates, driving, laughing, smiling. Knowing who has a better lap time, knowing who has a bigger pair of testicles while attacking the corners. But, there's a big major problem. If your wallet isn't as thick as an Oxford dictionary, you better don't participate in such event. Track day is much more of a rich boy pass time, regardless how much money you spend on modding your car, the entry fees alone is already enough to be a pain in ass for normal Joe like you and me. According Zerotohundred, their track day cost about RM750 for 4 hours session, yes, RM750! It's just not worthy enough for a dude with normal income/student to afford. The cheapest, and also kindest to your wallet track day option is organise the by (maybe there's cheapest option out there but this is the cheapest I found). With "just" RM330, you are allow to hoon in Sepang for 2 hours, and just RM100 more for an extra driver. But still, is it really worthy? RM330 excluding toll, petrol, tyres and some precaution fees when shits happen, does it really worth it. In a contrast, this is where Touge comes alive.

With RM6 of toll fees, you are able to tackle the Karak Highway, Genting Highland touge and Bukit Tinggi. Obviously there're more course out there but I will be mainly focus on GH and BT first. Well some might argue "OMG it's reckless to do racing on public road" or "OMG touge has no run off area and when you crash you gonna have a massive accident" and blah blah blah. The truth is, you don't have to push your car and yourself to the limit while doing this, you are still able to have fun, and cost much lesser than going to the track day. It might be a bit more dangerous then track day, but hey, this is where the fun comes in! Surely I didn't encourage any of you to drive recklessly on the public road but please bear with me. Driving on touge course like Genting and Bukit Tinggi or Putus and etc are much kinder to your car, there's traffic, so you won't be ballsy enough to push your car to the limit. It's kinder to the engine, kinder to the tyre and kinder to your wallet. Besides that, you don't have to compete with the big boys all the time! Seeing the "pro drivers' besides you driving something like a DC2 or 458 on a track day, it makes you Neo R3 looks juvenile. But when driving in touge, it's all by yourself! Nobody gives shit to what you drive on Touge, it's all about having fun by yourself!

In the end, Touge is definitely better option for normal Joe like us. I know the reason why the track day charge so much because of the safety facility and the track cost blah blah blah. But before we earned enough money to hoon around at Sepang, and we still want to pursuit our passion for driving, say no further, Touge. You are not allowed and you don't need to drive to the limit on the Touge routes, it's all about drive, just cruise around and have fun. It's the spirit of Touge.

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