Track time: Mercedes AMG GT Black Series specs, price and release date

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The upcoming Mercedes AMG GT Black Series has once again been caught testing on the Nurburgring as it gets nearer and nearer to production.

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series price and release date

The Mercedes AMG GT Black Series is looking set to be unveiled later on in 2020 with the most obvious event being the LA Auto Show. However, the German brand will surely be eyeing up the Nurburgring production record with its last hurrah to the AMG GT. The late-November dates don’t quite line up with the presumed target.

Although the track-focused AMG GT Black Series isn’t far from its full unveiling, it’s very hard to know how much it will cost. The real price tag will most definitely depend on how many examples Mercedes decides to make.

Based on its main competitors such as the Porsche GT2RS and the Aventador SVJ, Mercedes can price it anywhere between £200,000 to £500,000. However, based on the price of the other members of the AMG GT family, it’s more likely to be towards the lower end of the spectrum.

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series specs

The 2020 Mercedes AMG GT Black Series will come in as the brand’s range-topping halo model. It will also reportedly be the most powerful road-going AMG product ever. Now that’s saying something as the German sub-brand has a habbit of giving cars ludicrous amounts of power.

Sources suggest that the Black Series will produce that power thanks to an all-new engine design. Due to a slightly toned-down exhaust note, many trackside photographers have been suggesting whacky ideas like the swan song to the AMG GT will be powered by a V6 or even an inline-four. However, the discussion has gone full circle as it was suggested that the upcoming car will not use any of the engine designs previously seen in an AMG GT but a new take on the V8 model.

The new platform means that the car probably won’t have the distinctive AMG burble that we have come accustom to hearing in the likes of the AMG GT R. The positive to that is that the engine is a much faster revving unit creating a whole new character for the car. The powerplant will be just that, a powerplant as it’s set to send around 700hp and 750Nm of torque to the rear wheels.

With the last AMG car to bear the ‘Black Series’ name being the iconic Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, this next brute has a lot to live up to. Just the looks of the 7-year-old supercar are memorable but from these latest spy shots, the AMG GT Black Series doesn’t have anything to worry about.

The front end is dominated by the massive Panamericana grille that is copied straight from the GT3 car. That is surrounded by bulging air intakes and a huge splitter. The bonnet is also punctured and formed with airflow in mind which must make for quite the view from behind the wheel. Above the front wheels are a set of vents to remove air pressure from the wheel wells just to remind you that this car needs to be driven hard.

The rear end is very much the same story of aggression and inspiration taken from the racing variants of the AMG GT chassis. The diffuser pokes out further than Bruce Forsyth’s chin and the rear wing is seemingly made up of two separate spoilers similarly to the original, 993 Porsche 911 GT2RS.

Following the evolution of the AMG GT cars from the S to the R and finally to the GTR Pro, it seems unlikely that the Black Series will have a very different interior. It will surely feature the multi-stage traction control dial in the centre console along with the very snuggly fitting cocoon-like seating position of the GTR. Furthermore, the Black Series looks like it carries forward the scaffolding in the rear window because racecar.

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