Trackdaying a boat

Late fall last year I took my beloved Torino to a track-day - and ran the thing.. HARD!

One of two us-cars there. The rest were european compacts. They put us to shame

I've wanted to do this for a long time, but it never really fit in my schedule. Until one sunny sunday in late september of 2016 that was. the weather was sunny and hot (for september) at 20-something degrees celcius. As you'll see later on, that took its toll on the car.

Once a month, a group of keen enthisuasts gather at an outdoor go-kart track for the lone purpose of hammering their classic cars around the track. Everyone who ownes a classic can come along and race, for a fee, or you can buy yourself into a full year with bigger fee. The shoulders are low, conversation easy and waffles on hand. The track is so narrow, the mk1 Cortinas, Escorts and Renault 8s feel gigantic (just imagine what my Torino felt like!), yet it has some good twists, turns and straights that let you explore what our car can do (in 1st and 2nd mostly).

It becomes very clear that the Torino isn't built for the tasks at hand - cornering at speed. The body roll is excessive to say the least and my right hand has to constantly grab and hold onto the seat to keep me in it. Bench seats are not ment for racing - at all! The tires far surpass the underpinnings. the suspension is the weakest link, barely hanging on (the video below will show you just how bad it was.). The thin steering wheel and tired automatic transmission didn't help either. The latter slipping badly as the day went, culminating in an ATF blowout just as I drove off the track and into the pits. Luckily it kept its "pants on" until then. Had it not, I would have ruined everyone else's day, including my own. Now, though only I were hanging with my head and sobbing.


Even though the car suffered, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Just checking the fluids BEFOREHAND this time.... and fit new brake pads....

Enjoy the video above. Notice my "roll-O-meter" in shape of a wunderbaum.

-Happy motoring!