Train Crashes Into Semi-Truck Carrying Exotics

What did we say about level crossings, again?

1w ago

Last Friday, a truck carrying multiple exotic and luxury cars from Ferrari, Porsche and others got hit by a train in Houston.

The incident happened at a level crossing in northwest Houston, with witnesses saying the 18-wheeler hauler got stuck while trying to get through. The train hit right in the middle of the trailer itself, meaning some of the contents are, as a witness called it, "fucked up".

A Ferrari 488 Spider and an old Porsche 911 managed to be pulled without a scratch, but there's also an SF90 Stradale in the spot where the trailer was gashed and, as Moe Prince, a local who saw it unfold, said in a TV interview, also a Bentley. I've tried looking into this story for a follow-up but so far, nothing else has been reported yet.

But I guess this is, once again, a good reminder of what Sir Robert Markson advised to all of us when dealing with level crossings.

Additional reporting from Road and Track

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