Trans-Am Tuesday: Rare Bird

Auto World's 1/64 scale reproduction of an old icon.

1y ago

The first time I came across the Trans - Am name was the Knight Rider II game, which had an interesting quiz about the TV show. One question was about the actual car upon which the KITT is based, and the answer was Pontiac Trans - Am. I became a fan of the car at that point, and never looked back. It took me some time to fully understand the legacy of the Trans - Am, beyond the perfect lines of the gen III Trans - Am, going all the way to the original 1967 Firebird 400. It is sad to see the brand as well as the model resting in the automotive heaven. This Auto World replication pays homage to the original Trans - Am, brought in as an option package to the Firebird.

It delivers what you generally expect from an Auto World casting; neat detailing, accurate proportions and a (generally) clean model devoid of GL level QC mess-ups.

That said, there are some noticeable hiccups, like the right rear wheel well (which clearly suffered from a high - speed crash).

But the rest of the casting has nothing to go against it. The wheels are amazingly done.

A fitting tribute to a hero long lost.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week ahead!

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