Transit tribe hit the streets of scotland

we are not the gritter, but we will be spreading the word about drivetribe

3y ago


Did you see it?? The advert I mean? The one and only Jeremy Clarkson introduced us on Drivetribe LIVE and we couldn’t have been any prouder!! Basically I can't even sugar coat it, I was absolutely buzzing.
So after last night’s major event took place we decided to go and show off a little to those who we have worked with over the past couple of months. And I am so glad I did, because it brought a small issue to my attention: No one actually knew how to get on to Drivetribe and instead was just watching our Facebook fan page.

I literally quote this to everyone lol

I literally quote this to everyone lol

This got me thinking...if 5 out of 8 people we spoke to in the space of a day wasn't sure how to get on, or how it worked, how many others are being neglected out there?
Well, there is really only one way to make sure our future followers know exactly how to do it all:
We are hitting the High Streets of Scotland this weekend and I don't think you will miss us. We shall be in a very large and very black Ford Transit Custom. We will have lots of stuff about the Ford Transit Tribe & what you will find on our tribe. We have a step by step small leaflet on exactly how you can get onto Drivetribe and follow any tribe or leader you like. We will have a laptop with internet connection and can show you what Drivetribe is all about or indeed how to register and join tribes. If none of that interests you, then we are always up for a chat about the cold freezing weather and might even provide a warm beverage ;)

Source:First Proof Of LifeForm

Source:First Proof Of LifeForm

Even if Ford Transit's are not your thing, or you have friends that you know will be interested in other tribes, and obviously they live in Scotland let them know what we are planning. Everyone is welcome, including your van ;)

We will post any and all updates Monday after filming. Piece Out Guys & Gals

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