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Travel Bug - South America!

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Pedro the Baja Bug and I have been short-listed for the Motor-Vision Awards. The awards offer the likes of you and I up to £20k funding to realise our motoring dreams; which would save me maxing out my credit card like I did last time! It's now down to a public vote to whittle the entries down further. Hoping I can count on you all to vote for Travel Bug, follow the link to vote or read on to find out more about me, my car and our travels. https://motor-vision.co.uk/latest-news/mva-community-vote/

In 2009 I drove Pedro the Baja Bug from the UK to Singapore, which you can read about here:


Well this time we plan to drive a full circuit of South America, visiting every country on the continent. Our journey will start in Columbia, we'll drive south through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile to Tierra del Fuego, which marks the bottom most tip of the South American continent. From there we will turn north, driving through Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. Venezuala is a trouble hotspot at the moment, so we'll just duck across the border long enough to visit Mount Roirama, the mysterious mountain habitat made famous in Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Lost World'. Then we'll continue into Brazil, across to Paraguay, then North again through the Brazilian Amazon. From Northern Brazil they will duck across the Venezuelan border just long enough to visit Mount Roirama. Finally, after crossing Guyana and Suriname, we will reach French Guiana which will mark the end of our journey through every country in South America. The journey will take us an estimated five and a half months and we're look at setting off around mid October 2019, to avoid the rainy season and tie in with some amazing local festivals. 2019 also marks the 10 year anniversary of Pedro the Baja Bug's last epic road trip.

Rough route plan for South America

We aim to meet other VW owners along the route, including the former president of Uruguay who drove a Beetle to work through his entire time in office and donated his salary to charity. We'll also use our journey to fundraise for local and international charities(tbc). Through my previous motoring adventures I've raised money for charities including landmine clearance projects in Kosovo, mine victim rehabilitation in Laos, Great Ormond Street Children's hospital and the Parkinsons Society. We will be visiting children's homes, indigenous communities, women's cooperatives and eco projects in South America so are sure to find some very worthy causes. They would also like to support a cancer charity as both their mothers were cancer sufferers.

Pedro the Baja Bug at the Land Rover International Show

Pedro is now fully equipped with a roof tent and a brand new engine. All we need is the money to make this amazing adventure happen. If you haven't already please click the link and vote Travel Bug. https://motor-vision.co.uk/latest-news/mva-community-vote/

Hurry, voting closes on 11th September!

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