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    Travis Pastrana begins filming some Gymkhana scenes in Maryland

    Pastrana and Hoonigan make their mark on the streets of the historic Maryland town of Annapolis.

    4w ago



    Annapolis is the state of Maryland's capital, home to the United States Naval Academy, and because it is home to Travis Pastrana apparently a location spot of the next Gymkhana film.

    A few days ago, we showcased the new livery which will be on Pastrana's Vermont SportsCar and Subaru Motorsport built Gymkhana Subaru WRX STI. Well as you can see in this footage, it was flying (literally) around the streets of Annapolis. In situation Pastrana could be seen jumping the WRX over Ego Alley, while in another below he was sliding around a side street corner in close proximity.


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    • He’s very vocal in local Maryland community and o actually was on e of the people who suggested he makes a Maryland themed Gymkhana (whether he got the idea from me i wont confirm) but honestly it’s awesome

        23 days ago
    • what ever happened to ken

        27 days ago
    • I have family there...I wonder if I can plan a visit

        28 days ago
    • also that's a rally driver what's suks for him or she RIP rally driver

        28 days ago
      • 28 days ago


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