The prologue for the inaugural TRB-GT Championship at the Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona, Spain, saw dominant performances from tfullbrook16 and SJH3991 who took victories in the G2 and G3 classes respectively.

Nine drivers chose to take part in the pre-season event at the Spanish Grand Prix venue, and the event looked competitive from the off.

G2 Class: tfullbrook16 in control ahead of Lexus battle

tfullbrook16 looked to have his G2 class competitors, theDarrylx and dan-morgan16, at arms reach throughout the event.

The Brit stormed to pole in the 15 minute qualifying session, setting a 1m36.153s lap on his final attempt, over two seconds faster than second place.

After making a clean start, tfullbrook16 gapped the chasing Lexus duo who were engaged in battle throughout the majority of the race.

tfullbrook16 was able to go longer on his soft compound tyres, making his only stop on lap 12, whilst the theDarrylx and dan-morgan would stop a handful of laps earlier forcing them into a two-stop.

The three G2 class drivers were noted for their execution of passing back-markers, especially a particularly hectic midfield battle.

tfullbrook16 would maintain his lead from lights-to-flag, taking the checkered with an advantage of 42 seconds.

theDarrylx was able to get the better of fellow Lexus driver dan-morgan16 in the second half of the race after the Dutchman emerged behind the British driver in the stops, the pair would be separated by 12 seconds at the line.

G3 Class: SJH3991 untouchable ahead of intense podium battle

SJH3991 matched tfullbrook16 by taking a lights-to-flag victory in the G3 Class, as the Mercedes AMG driver took pole and victory in the pre-season race.

The Dutchman first claimed pole with a time of 1min45.731s, six tenths ahead of Aston Martin Vantage driver noiseyMP7. The six G3 drivers were separated by around 1.8 seconds, as the Boost Brothers duo of james_larman and Daveskater completed the final row in their maiden outing in the Porsche 911 RSR.

In the opening laps, SJH3991 built a gap that would go unspoiled even after his sole pitstop to change from soft to hard tyres. Eventually the Dutchman would come close to putting a lap on the majority of the G3 class, such was his pace at the front of the category.

The podium battle saw a number of drivers each hold a rostrum position during the race, but it would be American driver almarioneko who would take second in the Taylor Swift liveried Lexus RC F after overcoming major damage after a collision with james_larman on the second lap.

The Porsche driver lost control exiting Turn 12 and made contact with the eventual podium finisher who would crawl around another lap of the 4.655km circuit with significant aero and mechanical damage, dropping to the bottom of the pile before making his way back through the field by stopping once more for hard tyres.

noiseyMP7 would take the final step on the podium, but the Aston Martin driver was left thinking what might've been after closing up to second place significantly in the final few laps.

After the race the Dutchman admitted to struggling on his tyres, and actually used all three available compounds across the 30 laps he completed.

Boost Brothers teammates james_larman and Daveskater were locked in a race-long battle with Honda NSX driver Clemsie_McKenzie.

The trio would swap positions throughout the race, on-track and in the pitstops, but it was james_larman who would get the better of his competitors finishing in fourth, ahead of Clemsie_McKenzie and Daveskater.


1. tfullbrook16 (Nissan) [G2] 54min45.434s 33 Laps

2. theDarrylx (Lexus) [G2] +42.533s

3. d-morgan16 (Lexus) [G2] +54.607

4. SJH3991 (Mercedes) [G3] +2 Laps

5. almarioneko (Lexus) [G3] +3 Laps

6. noiseyMP7 (Aston Martin) [G3] +3 Laps

7. james_larman (Porsche) [G3] +3 Laps

8. Clemsie_McKenzie (Honda) [G3] +3 Laps

9. Daveskater (Porsche) [G3] +4 Laps

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