- The rear of the Lamborghini after the car collided with a tree in Miami - Image from CBSMiami

Tree Splits Lamborghini Huracan Into Two Pieces!

1y ago


A Lamborghini Huracan has been split into two pieces after colliding with a tree in North Miami Beach. The car was seen travelling at speed, before the driver appeared to lose control and collide with the tree, which subsequently split the car almost in half and caused it to burst into flames.

The driver was seen engulfed in the fire, but both he and the passenger were able to get out of the vehicle safely. Police were unable to question both the driver and passenger as they were taken to hospital for treatment.

The Police have stated that they will be investigating if the rainy weather and speed were both factors in this accident. Reports suggested that another vehicle was involved, but police have said that so far there is no evidence of this.

Via CBSMiami

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