TRIALS & TRANSFORMATIONS. BAAK Motocyclette’s ‘1960’ Royal Enfield Trials Racer

1y ago


Old motorcycles, while they may look like heaven in the fancy studio shots you’ll often see, can be right little bastards in the flesh. Their exorbitant cost, oil leaks, starting issues and inexplicable breakdowns are enough to challenge even the most even-tempered of riders. Insert a picture of Mother Teresa kicking over a bike and setting it on fire here. A quick and easy way to avoid this hassle is to create a classic look from a new motorcycle. Just like France’s BAAK Motocyclette have done with this Royal Enfield Classic 500.

BAAK’s history began in an improvised workshop in the Lyon basement of owner Rémi’s Grandma’s house in 2012. Starting their life with Triumph Bonneville customs, they expanded rapidly. So rapidly, in fact, that within two years, the workshop was deemed too small. It was then moved to nearby Tassin-la-Demi-Lune. And no, we didn’t make that name up.


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