The @tribe command is a valuable tool for Tribe leaders. You can use it by adding it to a chat message and hitting send. It will send an alert and a push notification to all members of your Tribe. You can send one @tribe push every 24 hours and it will only work in a Tribe you lead. Here are further tips on how to use it effectively:

Add the command to middle or the end of your message

The main purpose of the @tribe message is to send a push notification to someone's phone. You only have a limited number of characters to convince your Tribe members to tap on the notification and open the app. Do not waste space by adding @tribe to the beginning of the message. It will work no matter where you add it.

Be succinct

You only live once... and you have a small number of characters to use. Make your first phrase good and short. It's what people are gonna use to decide if they want to open that notification or not.

Triple-check your grammar, then ask someone to check it for you

There's no editing once you send a push notification to people that follow you. You don't need to go through that *embassment*.

Photo by Rob Walsh on Unsplash

Photo by Rob Walsh on Unsplash

Do not use it to make personal/tribe announcements

People don't care and you're likely to lose members. Sad, but true story.

Provide value

Ask a question, share news, give them a fun quiz, add links, etc so they tap your notification again next time you send one. If someone leaves a message in your chat after you send the @tribe, talk to them. They most likely won't bite.

If you're a video person, set up your video stream to place your latest video at the top of the chat

If you are a Moneyboxer, you are allowed to stream on your video chat. DM me or Ben Koenig for more details.

Use the @tribe command

It's the best way we have at the moment to let people that love what you love/what you do know that you're alive. Use it.


Got questions? Leave a comment below or send me a direct message.

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