Tribe Rules Reminder:

For all you new folks

Here are the tribe rules:

But let's quickly reiterate:

*Make/repost articles and posts about cars 25 years old or older.

*Don't make/repost articles and posts about cars less than 25 years old.

*Don't spam the group with many multiple posts everyday. Pace yourself, or if you really have to - make ONE BIG post. If you're sharing multiple posts from other tribes, just take care you're not sharing posts that are all about more or less the same thing (or have been shared before).

That last rule is going to be more important now that a lot more people will be using the site. Pace your posting please, it keeps variety on the page and makes the group more interesting for all of us if there aren't three or four posts about the same topic/car/whatever at the top.

Also, please refrain from posting content that was not made by, or for you. This basically means don't post photos you googled. Only images you made or had somebody make for you. (or if reposting, that another member of this site made). I will make exceptions for things like photos from original owner's manuals, or early advertisements (few of these things were copyrighted when new, although that is not always the case). But generally, if you don't own it, don't post it.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the tribe!

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