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TRIBECOIN CHALLENGE: who's the winner of 'that voice doesn't sound like it's coming out that body'?

And don't say Mufasa from The Lion King

36w ago

Watching the music video after you've heard the music is a bit like meeting your heroes –it can go both ways. It can enhance the piece, or in the case of True Faith by New Order, it can actually ruin it by being so damn weird.

It’s particularly pertinent if you don’t know what the artist looks like. Generally I find that the most juvenile voices actually come from men in their ‘30s, but on the other hand, I've just seen Eric Burton crooning The House of the Rising Sun. I’ve heard the song plenty of times. I was sure it involved a sage fellow in his 40s, who’d buy you a beer in a country pub and regale you with stories of out west.

The 1964 music video showed a 16 year old in a suit.

Well, he’s actually 23, but you get the point.

This is a not-altogether unknown phenomena with the gloriously versatile human voice, I believe - so I'd put it to you, who's the ultimate 'that voice doesn't look like it's coming out that body' winner? 250 shining Tribecoins go to everyone's favourite answer, and there might be something additional for my favourite answer.

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