Tribecoin giveaway: annoy John Coleman, win the coins

We've done this before (link in the comments) and John Coleman was properly annoyed... which is why I thought we might as well do it again to make sure he gets even more salty. The rules our simple: our resident port-drinking Aussie John 'Giovanni' Coleman and I argue about Richard Mille watches 90% of the time. I love it. He (says he) hates it. So I thought it'd be interesting to use this as an excuse to award you fellow tribers. Get creative in praising RM watches and the most irritating comment (in John's eyes) wins the coins (250 tribecoin).

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Comments (52)

  • John has been noticeably been using less “thats pants” in the last few days. Perhaps he is saving up to buy one of those beautiful watches...

      15 days ago
  • I like Richard Mille so much, i now follow Richard Mille on facebook and Instagram.

      15 days ago
  • Look,

    Here we have a John Coleman

    But we all see what misses here...

    One of the 9 styleful cars for Sandero money I've selecte... Ehhhh



    This very styleful suit isnt finished without that piece of well engineered, beautiful watch. John is never be the same after he has wearing it. He is be more.... sophisticated then he ever been have

    Not that werd thing that has on his wrist now

      15 days ago
  • time to irritate John again @tribe

      15 days ago
  • Well i already won

    Im an graduated John Coleman annoyer and have been studying at the Pants university of Coleman

      15 days ago