TribeCoin up for grabs: What car game would you make?

If you had an unlimited budget to make any car game, what would it be? The best idea will get 250 TribeCoin. Read on to find out more.

Rhys B posted in All Polls
5w ago

Imagine that you can make any car related game that you want. Money no object. What would it be? Where it would be set? What cars it would have? Open world or tracks? It's all down to you.

You can award an idea to show you really like it, though the overall winner will be decided by the comment with the most likes. See below for rules.


I will give one award which gives 250 TribeCoin, to the most liked (not awarded) comment. I will do this in a week's time (Friday 14th May), to give people a chance to comment, and give everyone some time to like their favourites.

Please only comment one idea so that everyone else's has a chance to be seen.

I will make a post to announce the winner after they have received the award.

So, there's my question for you all! Get commenting your ideas and good luck!

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Comments (62)

  • An open world game similar to FH and TDU. But it is set in Germany around the Nürburgring. You will get some nice long stretches of Autobahn and all the off-road and seasons. You will be able to select interior options for your cars as well. Barn finds will be included and you will have to find different locations to buy parts needed for restoration. Maintenance will also be needed to be performed on your cars to keep them going. Classic cars can't always be bought since they are out of production and you will have to wait until they come up for sale. Your house is customizable and you will have to build garages to keep the cars stored. Barns, underground garages, hangar, lifts. Of course there will be customisation to an extend. Car shows will be hosted and you can bring your car to the event, socialize with other drivers and judge other people's cars so they can win prizes at the shows.

      1 month ago
    • well that just sounds like forza horizon 5 with extra steps

        1 month ago
    • It does 😂 combined with TDU. Two of my favorites games combined. I am simple like that

        1 month ago
  • A non pay-to-win game including a wide array of popular super cars, as well as most popular motorsports segments, available on console and PC

      1 month ago
  • Any game which has no-money involved, lots and lots of performance cars, and many well designed tracks(Even racing in cities, mountains, beaches etc), available on Phone, PC, XBox, PS etc, and the option to choose either of the trio as your Mentor

      1 month ago
  • Japan Street Racing: 2003. It would be a JDM street racing game with police in it. If you get caught the fine (or sometimes the vehicle you were driving temporarily taken away) depends on how reckless you were driving. It will cost $54.99 (USD), and no cars will cost real money. You can buy in game cash and perk points which can buy exclusive items, cars, and abilities. 1 credit/dollar in game is worth about 1 yen 2003. So the R34 cost about 5,000,000 credits. This would be intended to be a fun open world Japanese street racing game with about 200 vehicles.

      1 month ago
  • Something similar to Forza Horizon series, but with more of a focus on simulation/realism. Has to have beautiful graphics, sound design, atmosphere etc. I’d also focus on giving the player community more freedom. A highly sophisticated and refined map creation tool and the ability to create and use mods across PC and console platforms would be essential. (Similar to what snowrunner does) Diverse, fair and highly focused online play. Whether you want to cruise a mountain road or chase lap times, there’s a lobby just for you.

    (In summary: Forza horizon visuals, with slightly more realistic physics, better online play, and a game structure that prioritizes maximum player/community creativity with the ability to make full custom maps etc.)

      1 month ago