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Each week I will release an article on Monday termed Tribes Who Help. This is a list of excellent tribes who are actively helping the community on drivetribe. If you want to take part simply comment bump or help the tribes who are focused this week. We will be featuring two tribes each week. One from the hashtag #smalltribesrule and one from the hashtag #middleoftheroad .

If you are an existing tribe and are actively helping other tribes we would like to invite you to join us. Find this weeks two tribes and bump and comment. Get engaged in the community. You will show up on next weeks list of tribes who help.

If you have a tribe and need help being seen. Tribes with less than 5k bumps Add the hashtag #smalltribesrule under the tribe edit area. Tribes with more than 5k bumps add the hashtag #middleoftheroad. Your content will then pop up on that screen and make you visible to us.

Please remember if you have more than 3 hashtags in your tribe from the main page none of your content will show up anywhere.

Smalltribesrule tribes can contact us on the smalltribesrule chat here; drivetribe.com/chat/Qi3TZEs-QL2Rx7hP2iK5EQ?iid=c5hhsRuWSVusP5SiH-ra7A

Middleoftheroad tribes can contact us on the middleoftheroad chat here; drivetribe.com/chat/c0BmzLTmSoCWoDsOaVha6A?iid=dkdqL124TxKL-W8027zurA

My last note. Drivetribe is about community. Many tribes help in their own way. This venture is about helping as a community and getting to know the community at drivetribe.

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