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Tribes who help! updated 5-29-2017

Week 8 Tribes who help updated 5-29-2017

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If you go join, bump and comment at these tribes they will generally come support yours.

Tribes Who Help

Tribes Who Help

I am sure we have more supporters and thank you too. These are tribes who visibly joined Ten Old Fool Riding_ last week in support of small tribes. If you are looking for people to support your tribe with bumps and comments join these tribes and do the same. They are great supporters and are committed to making drivetribe better. This is my only qualifying statement. Do not expect 50 people to come bump a rusty picture of your car in the snow. Content determines success and if you want to run a tribe take a close look at your content. The most successful have a unique balance or original posts and reposts that support a theme. Also they tend to be active in the drivetribe community. Stop and drop a simple note "I like your tribe" once in a while.


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  • great group of people and i am happy to be a part!

      3 years ago
  • thanks! very helpful!

      3 years ago
  • I bump and follow anyone who follows me. I do it each week and I post daily content. More followers would really help me to grow. Many goals :D

      3 years ago
  • excellent x

      3 years ago
  • Week 6 HELP is out. Sorry it took so long today. After a week off I must have some cobwebs. The old HELP post is also updated so all the links should have the current list. I will keep that one up to date as well as this one. If you helped and I missed you drop me a note and I will get you on right away. Thank you to everybody! I hope this is mutually beneficial for both the tribe and the supporters.


      3 years ago


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