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We live in time of a large-scale war of supercars, today a car enthusiast will not be surprised with an engine power of 1000 hp and a price tag above $ 1 million. These supercars come with an enviable frequency. Their only problem is that few of their owners will use the car 100%, mostly moving around the city using 10% of the car’s power. Driving pleasure in this case is dubious.

Miracle the One is pure elegance from every angle

The Miracle was created primarily to make every trip unforgettable. The central position of the driver, a huge hood, open chrome suspension will leave a wide smile on the face of the owner, a pleasant finish after each trip. The developers were inspired by the machines of the 60s, taking part in the Grand Prix Formula 1 competition. They were distinguished by the ultimate functionality, cleanliness of the lines, subordinated to the same goal – the speed. This made the design of Miracle the ONE exclusive and unforgettable. Undoubtedly, the street walkers will be delighted to see a F1-style car of the 50s in public roads. Therefore, the owner just can not be unnoticed.

The name of Miracle the One speaks for itself, it is the only car of its kind. It has a soul from the 50s and a modern heart.

Taking from the 1950s only the unforgettable features of the design and 19-inch spoked discs with a central nut, in Miracle the One represents an abundance of modern technologies. Open push-road suspension with adjustable stiffness provides the perfect cornering at all speeds. Modern disc brakes are hidden under the case imitating drum brakes of that era. They allow you to stop the car effectively, and the lack of ABS reminds the driver about the connection of the car with the F1 car. The car body is fully made according to the most modern technologies from carbon fiber with Kevlar weave, which makes it incredibly durable and lightweight. Lightweight body is simply necessary to ensure the weight of the car within 850 kg without sacrificing battery capacity. And it is 50 kW / h. Considering the weight, low coefficient of wind resistance, narrow tires, this will be enough for 600 km range. The power from ultralight electric motors is transmitted to the rear axle and totals 300 electric horsepower.

This car will set you apart from the crowd and boring traffic and glorify as a high connoisseur of rare cars with the latest technologies.

This is the only production car behind the wheel of which driver will pass through those feelings experienced by such great riders as Ascari, Fangio, Moss, and others, as in the power-to-mass ratio, Miracle the One repeats race cars-winners of these great riders. The lack of electronic assistants makes drive similar to the Ferrari F40, not everyone can handle it. But, those who control it will get a special pleasure.

The interior uses materials authentic for the 50s, all that can be touched is made either from metal or wood, no plastic.

Despite the fact that it is an electric car, it will have the sound of an internal combustion engine which, if desired, can be turned off and, please, enjoy a silent ride.

Road legal pure elegance

Miracle the One will be released in limited quantities. Only 24 cars will be sold for 2021, in 2022 65 cars are planned to be released.

Its two seater electrocar

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