- The Triumph Model H ( Photo Credits : www.barkshire.co.uk)


42w ago


It was 1914 when the world collapsed in the horror of the First World War and this led the various armies to a real wepons race.

Some Model H on the frontline ( Photo Credits : www.registrostoricotriumph.it )

In the British army, this occasion provided the necessity to create a new vehicle to replace the horses for their messengers, and the solution was found by Triumph.

Side section ( Photo Credits : www.pinimg.com )

It made an improved variant of the Model A named Model H. Compared to the latter, it had a kick starter that allowed it to start with a standstill on the stand, without having to pedal or push it. This made it the first genuine motorcycle produced by the British company.

Rear section ( Photo Credits : www.nationalmcmuseum.org )

Other differences were the primary chain transmission, a 3-speed manual gearbox of the Sturmey-Archer and a multi-disc clutch, in addition to the fork that was oscillating and that had a central spring while the rear end was rigid.

The single-cylinder engine ( Photo Credits : www.yesterdays.nl )

The heart of the vehicle was a single-cylinder 550 cc 4 hp engine with side valves and magnet ignition made by Bosch.

The bike proved to be extremely reliable despite the terrible conditions of the battlefields. Its success was so big the company kept producing it even after the end of hostilities until 1923. In total, more than 60,000 units were built.

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