Triumph releases more details about entry-level Trident

Triumph's new A2-legal bike is out and about

38w ago

Triumph has just released new photos of the Trident – the British brand's forthcoming A2-compliant naked bike aimed at riders looking for their first 'big bike'.

The shots give us far more detail than our previous look at the all-white styling bike, and it's clear that Triumph isn't cutting corners on components in its bid to oust the Yamaha MT-07 as the current first big bike of choice.

By zooming in (and squinting a bit) we can make out quality Nissin front brakes, Showa suspension and Michelin Road 5 tyres – the latter of which hint that the new Trident is designed for real-world riding whatever the weather. This is the first time we've seen the Trident in road-legal form, complete with a numberplate hanger that wraps around the rear tyre rather than hanging from the seat unit.

There's no official word on engine size or power output yet, but the UK's A2 licence rules mean the Trident can't legally pack more than 94hp. We're expecting it to use a 660cc version of the Street Triple S, which landed earlier this year with… 94hp.

The Trident's riding position looks a little more upright than the Street Triple's, and the Trident's seat looks generously padded, with reasonable room for a pillion and a generous carve which should make it comfortable and reassuring for shorter riders.

We're expecting the Trident to be a fair bit less expensive than the £8,100 Street Triple S, and hopefully closer to the £6,697 you'll have to fork out for a Yamaha MT-07.

What will it be like to ride? We'll hopefully be able to tell you in December, when we're supposed to be riding the new Trident in whichever part of Europe is relatively Covid-free. Fingers crossed.

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  • It is a good looking bike! For me though I need more wind protection, and storage capabilities. This old body is just not able to do what it once did. I am a huge fan of the new Triumph bikes overall, I just wish there were more newer, younger riders that had the passion I did when I was 20. I rode all the time!, every different style of bike. In my late teens I had a V-twin, inline four, upright twin and a triple all in my stable at the same time. I just don't see the enthusiasm any more. It bums me out!

      8 months ago