Triumph TR3A

    Photographed in November 2018 at Richmonds, South Australia

    2y ago


    An iconic British Sports car, the Triumph TR3A was an update from the TR3, and was built between 1957 and 1962.

    The TR3A was not badges as such and the TR3A name was never an official one, although widely used.

    56,236 TR3A's were, making it the 3rd best-selling TR after the TR6 and TR7. It's estimated that only 9,500 remain today.

    The TR3A continued on with the innovative standard disk brakes from the TR3, and was a favourite for motor-sport, especially auto-cross, because of the superior braking abilities it possessed.

    Power output was around 100bhp, and the TR3A weighed just 950 kg.

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    Comments (5)

    • Love classic British

        2 years ago
    • Such a clean little example of one! That's great!

        2 years ago
      • I haven't seen one of these for years, and to find such a nice one.. Happy days! :)

          2 years ago


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