Truck, Ferrari Truck!

2w ago


I was recently doing a little bit of timepass on to check out some cool barn finds and burn my heart looking at the poor condition of '68 Camaros and Firebirds, but something really raised my eyebrows, and it was this, A Ferrari Truck. This Ferrari IVECO truck is to be claimed as a 'parts runner' truck for Ferrari back in the late 80s. Everything about this truck including the history of this truck is utterly unknown except that it has a 6.1L I6 engine which acts as a stable to 118 prancing horses. Fascinated by the pics I went to search it on google only to find nothing, also the website it was put on for sale, our near and dear craigslist had axed the advertisement, yes it was on craigslist! I think maybe the truck would have went to see it's new owner.. or maybe it was shady enough for craigslist to undo the advert. Whatever it is real or fake it does look cool and Ferrari enthusiasts would prefer buying this instead of the Enzo looking Fiero.

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