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Truck overturns and spills tar on cars on the highway

Fortunately, the truck did not fall off the structure

5w ago

A rather unusual accident took place on a highway in the city of Shanghai in China. A tipper truck approached an exit ramp on a bridge over the highway a little too quickly. As a result, the vehicle overturned on a bend and spilled its cargo onto the road below.

The truck was carrying tar at the time of the accident. The substance fell onto the traffic lanes as three cars were passing. The two vehicles furthest to the left escaped the bulk of the tar, but the car in the right-hand lane did not.

Fortunately, the truck was held back by the safety barriers and the worst was avoided. Four vehicles were involved in the incident and two people were injured. Eight machines were mobilized to remove all the asphalt that had fallen onto the road.

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Comments (12)

  • why do people in china do stuff like this? and why does it happen mostly there.

      1 month ago
  • Driver's next employee evaluation:

    "So, your performance this past year put you in a sticky situation."

      1 month ago
  • Good thing it wasn't a "roof down" day

      1 month ago
  • Oooooh, I wonder how the people in that car got out... Looks toasty

      1 month ago
  • And in typical Chinese fashion: every employee of the company involved have been sent to re-education camps or Wuhan to be experimented on. The drivers body has mysteriously disappeared.

      1 month ago