Truck spins out after colliding with another truck

Accident involving two trucks on the M3 northbound at junction 2. The police were not involved and the drivers exchanged details which have been passed on to their companies.

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Video Via - HGV Dash Cam Footage -

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  • Both these drivers are to blame , back off a couple of miles per hour and let him in as he obviously can't see shit out of his mirrors while they are set at that angle .

    1 year ago
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  • The bit I can’t get my head round is this, why didn’t the camera truck back off after the first time the other truck hit him? He kept going even though the other truck was trying to physically push him out of the way. I’d have back off and followed him and pulled him over at the first opportunity. As for the 7.5t driver, what an utter lunatic..... He should get a ban for that, that was dangerous and utterly reckless. Glad no other road users was mixed up in that mess.

    1 year ago
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