- 1​968 Aqua Hot Wheels Custom Fleetside

T​ruckin Tuesday: Custom Fleetside

T​he first pickup produced by Hot Wheels

38w ago

T​his particular casting is based off of Hot Wheels first car designer Harry Bradley’s 1964 El Camino. It is said that it was his El Camino that was the inspiration for the Hot Wheels “look” that was designed into the first 16 Hot Wheels car models produced.

T​he U.S and Hong Kong castings are very similar overall with the exceptions of the Hong Kong casting having a base with four holes, blue tinted glass, and, on early runs, had the front and back bumper area painted body color (orange and purple colorwaya only).

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  • 😍😍 I still need to add this one to my collection.

      8 months ago