Trucking Tuesday: The Dear Departed

Hot Wheels made a killer first edition out of this 110. All we need now is the 5 door.

1y ago

Land Rover killed the original (and the definitive) Defender in 2016. It was never going to survive in its original form in the modern era; it was a boxy, old school truck built to suit the hefty demands of the military, rather than those of soccer moms. It does not fit the modern definition of an SUV. However, it was a legendary machine in its own right. LR may have reintroduced the nameplate in a new car, but sadly it won't ever be the same again. The good old 90 and 110 will be dearly missed.

There was a dearth of 110 models in 1/64 scale until recently. The only available casting was the Matchbox mainline, and it was not bad in any way. However things changed when Majorette introduced their take on the behemoth. Then Hot Wheels brought in the 110 pickup, and topped the list with this mega take on the LWB 3 door version.

The initial release was a killer variant to say the least. Dressed in matte black, and adorned with the gorgeous off road Real Riders with the new wheel, and free of any distracting livery, it is unlikely that there will be a better version of this.

Credit where it is due. This is one epic release.

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Comments (2)

  • Great pics! I love the seamless black on black on black mirrored set up!

      1 year ago
    • Thank you very much Scott! Trying to return to my favorite setup again :D

        1 year ago