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This story begins back in 1988 when my Grandad, a man who liked to have a fairly new car, decided it was time to replace his Alfa Sud. After his time with the Alfa Sud, and Grandma's comment, it was decided that something of higher quality should be bought so he chose a 2 year old 1986 BMW E30 318i, which he used as his car untill 1993 when he decided it was time to update again and such was his success with the BMW he went and bought another one, this time a 2 year old 1991 E36 320i SE. At the time my dad's car was a 1965 Hillman Superminx, that cost £10 in 1980, Gandad didn't approve of this and told my dad he could have and use the E30, dad on ther hand really liked the BMW and didn't want to use it as a workhorse so carried on with his Hillman and the BMW was relegated to 'nice' weather use, latterly only being taxed in the summer. Now getting back to the E36, Grandad paid £12,500, but sadly got terminally ill shortly after so he hardly ever got to drive it, despite that though he really enjoyed owning it and being driven around in it. One of the most poingent stories I've been told about was when my dad was driving back up a very empty M6, near Lancaster, with Grandad sitting in the back, he got it upto an undissclosed speed of over 100mph, at which point Grandad leant over and said 'It is quiet isn't it'. At which point Dad knew the car was worth every penny just to give Grandad that joy in his last few months. Sadly in May 1994, exactly 12months after getting the E36, he passed away. Dad did suggest that Grandma could get a smaller car but she liked the BMW too much, though she was tempted by the Mercedes A-Class when they first came out, that was untill she saw the reviews and so the BMW stayed. In 1997 I was born and from a very young age I was being taken out in the E36 and my very earliest memories of going on holiday are going down the M6 past Preston at about 4am, listening to the straight-6 engine. Fast forward to 2011, Grandma saldy passed away and my parent tried to suggest we should sell the E36 as we already had 9 other cars at that point however I was too in love with it to just see it go. So I struck a deal with Dad and that deal was that if I had a clean driving license by the time I turned 21 it could have it and in 2018 that is what happened. That being said by 2018 the E36 was starting to look a bit tired, with little spots of rust starting to show up and faded laquer so in early 2019 restoration work began. The work began in our garage at home, where I stripped all the trims, lights, bumpers etc before starting the horrible job of cleaning off and repairing loose underseal, thankfully though, because it had always been looked after and rustproofed, there was virtually no rot to deal with. With the underside sorted out it was loaded up onto a trailer behind my dad's Land Rover and taken up to a body shop in North Cumbria where all the body work was sorted out and a full respray done, before the re-assebly and rustproofing. Of course any marked and faded trims were replaced. The MOT was then passed, in July 2019, with flying colours and my advetures in this peice of family history could begin. And for those of you wondering, yes dad still has the E30 as a very low mileage, original yet mint show car

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