True Legend - The Alméras Brothers´ Porsche 935 Silhouette

    Pretty much no other Hillclimb Racing car boasts such an impressive history and success Record than the most famous creation of the Alméras Brothers

    At 75 years of age, Jean Marie Alméras continues racing his most famous creationm the Porsche 935 A4 Silhouette, now on the Historic portion of Hillcimb events and on special occasions like the Montée des Légendes 2018 at Col de la Faucillée.


    On a fictional ranking of the most important Monsters of Hillclimb Racing ,this machine would rank on a Top 10 certainly, as it was revolutionary when it debuted on the late 70´s (while competing at the highest level throughout the 80´s) and amassing an incredibly long Curriculum full of Titles both nationally in France and Internationally , conquering several European Championships.

    This is a creation of the Brothers Alméras,who became famous for their Porsche based products and how far they took each machine they tuned. The 935 here is probably their most famous creation, and while originally it is a 930, it has its rear spaceframed, uses the bodywork of the 935 model and the 3.5L RSR engine. All this makes for a 400+Hp/900Kg Monster, built within the old Group 5 regulations that would go on to dominate extensively the events where it competed. All while marking itself as one of the definitive All Time Greats of Hillclimb Racing.

    And today, thanks to the preserverance of Jean Marie Alméras, we can still watch it...

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    • Wow, haven't heard that name in a very long time.

        2 years ago


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