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What the hell have you made nameless.

After owning the Subaru BRZ for well over a year I found myself wanting more out of the daily driver. And when I say 'more' I really mean more heart and soul. One thing that was always lacking was complete driver immersion, regardless of the road traveled. This may be due to the sense of safety the BRZ portrays with is nimble and precise drive-ability. Regardless of what was really pushing me, I found something that did the trick...

This exhaust will be loud with no turbocharger

Nameless Performance

...enter exhaust upgrade. Yes yes, I hear you, "everyone does exhaust upgrades!", and I would generally agree with that. However, not everyone does an exhaust upgrade with performance in mind for the now and later. From my experience and research, it appears that folks tend to base their brand loyalty purely on the exhaust notes or sound produced by the pipes. This is fine for most applications but if you are wanting to do anything in the future to enhance the overall performance there's not many that can argue against running with Nameless. The engineering involved to milk every last drop of performance from the NA boxer is absolutely incredible and the craftsmanship is 2nd to none. The performance gains compound once you get into the forced induction scene, but that's for another day.

Just look at how sexy these pipes look by themselves compared to the 1 year old OEM pipes sitting there corroded from a single winter in the Midwest.

So you're interested in Nameless Performance upgrades. Lets evaluate our options. Nameless provides a handful of options to cater to every type of performance seeking user. You can buy pieces individually to do slow upgrades or dive in headfirst buying a kit to save on shipping costs and also get a small discount on the parts included. The Kit that we will be looking exclusively is the 3" Header-Back Exhaust for the BRZ. This kit includes a massive list of equipment such as the Dual Exit 3" Axleback, 3" resonated midpipe, and the 3" High Flow Cat Downpipe with resonator. Within this kit you have further options for Mufflers, Exhaust Tips, Gasket Sizes, Helmholtz Resonator and Hanger Bushings for the exhaust system. Here is what I took away from each option and what I went with.

This exhaust is intended for people who have forced induction planned

Nameless Performance

// Mufflers

[None, 4", 5"]

// Tips

[4" Double Wall Slash Cut]

// Gasket Size

[2.5" Stock Sized Gasket, 3" Gasket]

// Helmholtz Resonator

[Yes, No]

// Bushings

[None, 2, 4, 5]

Once you've made the correct decision on making your most glorious upgrade purchase on your BRZ the real work begins. You need to get those handcrafted pipes installed! This is actually a very simple process to do in your garage with a buddy to help align the exhaust during the hanging phase. However, if you are like me, and do not have a good way to jack the engine up in your garage you may consider going to your local shop to have them assist. What is required to install the downpipe is to remove the passenger side engine mounting bolt to allow you to prop the engine up about 2.5" inches. This extra clearance allows you to snake the downpipe into position. This also requires a significant amount of lift on the vehicle as well as the pipe doesn't just 'slide in', as I mentioned you need to snake this in a bit. In short, I took it over to my local shop and had it installed there within an hour for about $115.

After the install i did make a comment on how the back end had some low hanging piping right around the rear axle. We attempted to adjust it but still were unable to get it exactly how I would've wanted it. As you can see in the pictures below, the larger 3" diameter pipe still needs to bend along the same path that the OEM pipe took. The problematic spot is directly to the lower left section of the rear differential. As shown in the other picture (in the shadows) the pipe does hang down fairly low. I haven't had any issues with this in my daily driving but i can't help but be nervous going over speadbumps or poorly designed venue entrances and driveways.

First starting - the shop, driving around, first reactions

Once you have everything settled as you see reasonable you are obviously going to want to jump in and fire it up. Now before you do that, I would recommend having your buddy record your reaction as its something absolutely incredible that's about to happen. You just took a soft purring cat and turned it into a ferocious lion that is completely upset with the world. Your BRZ is now ready to rip the flesh off any vehicles (assuming they are slower than you). Once you set off on your maiden voyage you'll struggle not to grin ear to ear. You'll also notice your shifts seemingly being enhanced due to increased feedback you get from the exhaust and engine rpms. It's absolutely perfect and you'll love the sound of just cruising around the city. If you for some reason get bored of that low growl just downshift and give that boxer engine a punch and suddenly you've released the demon. I will say that you likely have one of the slowest demons due to being NA but dammit it sounds majestic.

Once i returned home I noticed a slight burning smell. After looking around I noticed that the heat-shield near the downpipe was slightly making contact. This likely was causing the burning smell and quickly ended in a few days. As shown in the photos you can see the Nameless pipes vs Stock and how there is not much room for variation on installation. Brushing up against the heat-shield appears almost unavoidable - a workaround option would be to trim back the heat-shield but I decided to let it self resolve.

Interstate Noise / In town Noise / MPG

As mentioned above the sound while cruising around in town is simply mad. It sounds so good that I started driving without the radio on for a while just to enjoy the soundtrack of my BRZ. When driving on the interstate you do get a slightly louder sound from the exhaust that could be deemed annoying to some. This could be due to a constant speed of 77mph which requires the small boxer engine to go under slight load constantly. Whenever you go under load you will obviously be generating extra noise. I have noticed that when cruising at 65mph the extra cabin noise is non existent. Workarounds could be dynamat to help dampen the sound but I wave not been able to test this. I did plug the sound tube from the engine bay to the passenger foot well area but seemingly does not help much. Overall, I find it find and have taken several long range 5+ trips without issue or headaches from the extra cabin noise. Since the installation of the exhaust system I have noticed a very slight MPG improvement of 1-2MPG. I've been able to confirm this by looking at my millage history using

I'm getting an extra 1-2 MPG with the Nameless exhaust

Nicholas Larson

Below is a comparison video I created of the stock exhaust vs Nameless exhaust. Hopefully this helps to paint a better picture for what a user should expect from a sound level perspective. You'll notice that even from a distance when the car is moving away from you the exhaust still sounds great and have a very warm, raspy, and yet smooth tone. You can clearly see that Nameless loves their craft and has an incredible passion for making quality products specifically tuned for individual makes and models.

Please ensure your audio is turned down for the Nameless Cold start. Very Loud!


Stock vs Nameless

Since posting this video on YouTube I have received various requests for other sound clips of the Nameless Exhaust inside the car, outside, on top, behind, on the hood, underwater, and upside down. This video should help give more clarity on what to expect. This video was a test video of the iPhone 6S Plus 4K recording with a Ram Mount.


Winter Mode with Nameless

When it's all said in done, the Nameless Performance 3" Header Back exhaust system was the best addon to my BRZ as of date. I'm now ready to upgrade the platform even further if needed to accommodate for forced induction via turbo and replace the headers. The BRZ keeps on surprising me and mods like this help make it shine through!

Thank you, Nameless Performance, for bringing life back to my BRZ!

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