Tuerck crashes Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86

The GT4586 gets unintentionally airborne – not the best start to a day's filming

4y ago

Pro Formula DRIFT driver Ryan Tuerck's Ferrari-engine'd Toyota GT86 is probably one of the most ambitious engine transplants in drifting. The lovechild of a Ferrari 458 and Toyota's much-loved rear-wheel drive coupe, known as the GT4586, is the star in Donut Media's latest video.

And things didn't get off to a great start, as you'll see below.

In literally the first shot of the video, Tuerck overtakes a 458 camera car, only to mis-judge the inside apex of the bend during a drift, launching the car into the air before slamming it back down on the road. Tuerck keeps it pinned and drifts out in style, but soon bails into a roadside ditch as the steering gives way.

Thankfully the team were able to repair the car and get Tuerck on his way again, leading to some amazing footage of the GT4586 drifting through the mountains.

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Comments (3)

  • Seems like an expensive camera car

      4 years ago
  • Why the hell does someone put a Ferrari engine in a Toyota! Get the real thing. It will always be better, because it´s meant to be as it is.

      3 years ago
  • the subtitles are hilarious

      4 years ago