Tumbler Through The Looking Glass

Or is it the Batcave's glasses...

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The Dark Knight is a legendary movie. The Christopher Nolan directed movie is considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time. While movie lovers and critics were in awe of this classic for cinematic reasons - and rightly so - I couldn't help but fall in love with Batman's Tumbler. I am an automobile lover after all. I probably breathe wagons and shooting brakes. And today we're gonna take a look at the aforementioned super-duper-uber-cool Batmobile.

What exactly is the Tumbler?

Well, it's a Batmobile and we all know what's a Batmobile, right? Right. The fictional car driven by Batman in the DC Universe is very popular among the audience. And I mean VERY popular. The Batmobile initially debuted as an ordinary looking red car in the comics. However, it evolved with time, as you'd expect.

Think of the Batmobile as a military prototype, off-road tank vehicle but much leaner, meaner, smarter machine-er. It also features an array of custom weapons and gadgets. It's Batman's vehicle after all so that is hardly a surprise. When Christopher Nolan announced that he'll be directing three Batman movies, we knew we're in for a treat. Attention to detail is one thing that Nolan has always been renowned for and he ensured that fans were treated to a very special version of the Batmobile. The legendary filmmaker teamed up with Nathan Crowley to design seven Batmobiles for The Dark Knight trilogy. These Batmobiles were nicknamed "Tumblers" by Nolan and his team for reasons unknown to science. Maybe they s-tumble-d upon the name and thought it was cool. So I think that covers the "13 Reasons Why The Batmobile Was Named The Tumbler" with all 13 of them being it's super cool.

Then again, everything related to this car is super cool. With a weight of 5000 pounds, the Tumbler is by no means an easy customer to take down and yet it is not too heavy for the Caped Crusader to go about his business. At the heart of the Tumbler is an impressive 5.7 liter GM V8 engine, capable of 500 hp. The "jet engine" at the back of this Tumbler is fed by propane tanks. It features some very off-road-y tires in the rear and 2 normal superior-grip dirt tires on the front. If it wasn't evident enough, the Tumbler is black in color, matching Bruce Wayne's caped crusader avatar.

If you're a superhero trying to save the day in a city like Gotham, you're gonna need an extraordinary vehicle that can overtake them baddies in a few seconds. The Tumbler does that task ridiculously well. It's almost like it was designed for it. It can take off from the word "go", good enough to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.6 seconds. With a top speed of 160 miles per hour, the Tumbler is an incredibly reliable friend, should the Batman decide to travel hundreds of miles to hunt down the bad guys.

It's rise to fame.

Obviously, the Tumbler's first appearance in The Dark Knight trilogy goes back to the first film, Batman Begins. Bruce Wayne meets Mr. Fox, who introduces him to a number of military prototype vehicles. The next question that the billionaire asks is whether the military prototype vehicle in question is available in black. Bruce Wayne be like "Just black it."

It's a very bespoke vehicle.

There have been plenty of murmurs in popular culture around the Tumbler's invention. Some say it is based on the Hummer while some claim its design is inspired by some classic racing cars. However, the truth to be told is that the Tumbler is well and truly a bespoke vehicle. It is an incredibly unique concept that Mr. Nolan and his team spent a lot of money on and it really shows. The Tumbler's exclusiveness is further defined by some of its special features. It features two front autocannons and a rocket launcher. Furthermore, the Tumbler boasts a fire-extinguisher (you know, just in case Joker and Harley Quinn set it on fire, which is very likely) and an integrated safety connection to gasoline control. The Tumbler also features a Stealth Mode.T he front of the Tumbler is heavily armored, so it can ram as a practical offensive attack while ensuring no harm is caused to Mr. Wayne.


Bottom line is the Tumbler is undoubtedly the most amazing vehicle ever driven by a superhero in the history of cinema. It is hard to think of any other superhero vehicle that has left such a lasting impression in popular culture. Go ahead, bring me a more iconic superhero ride. Not even Tony Stark's R8s are as popular as the Batmobile.

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