Tunnel Dreams - 5000 rpm In The Gaviota Tunnel - Just Like In "The Graduate"!

1y ago
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- In the film Dustin Hoffman's character, Ben drives south through the Gaviota tunnel on his way to rescue Elaine, Katherine Ross' character, from marrying the wrong guy in Santa Barbara. The tunnel has only ever had northbound lanes. Creative license.

Every car sounds better in a tunnel! Ever wonder what it was like for Dustin Hoffman to floor it through the Garviota tunnel in the movie, "The Graduate"? Well, this isn't that Alfa Romeo, but it still sounds great! Learn the story behind this 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider going up for auction soon on Bring a Trailer. Watch the preparation and photo and video shoots, and follow along as the auction action happens on BaT. Read all the articles in the series - see the links in the comments below.

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