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We all know when doing a car build, it cost a bit of coin to get the power you want. However the guys from Sloppy Mechanics have come up with a turbo hack to take your hard earn coin a bit further.

This time, it’s a little bit of turbo modification that Matt is taking on as he decided to take a perfectly good turbo, cut into it, and do something that you’ve probably never seen before.

Instead of mounting the waste gate somewhere within the piping, he decided to cut out the middleman quite literally as he began to drill down into the turbo itself, mounting the boost controlling measure a little bit closer to home.

To most, something like this might just look a little bit crazy but for Matt and company, I think they’re pretty used to being called crazy at this point. However, with results like we’ve seen from them, I don’t really think they care all that much what anybody has to say about them.

If you follow along with the Sloppy Mechanics video down below, you’ll be able to see exactly why anyone would want to cut into a brand-new turbocharger or any turbo for that matter.

Source: SpeedSociety, Sloppy Mechanics