Turbo Sound, Flames & Sideways - Spectacular Sierra RS500 Cosworth from Greece

Roustemis throwing around his RWD 500Hp Sierra Cosworth

This is a remake of one of our first Clips and features Alexandros Roustemis with his spectacular Ford Sierra Cosworth unit on the Greek Hillclimb Championship, which has stopped racing since 2016.

Built to mimick the RS500 version of the Iconic Sierra Cosworth, with almost 500Hp from the Cosworth YB Turbo engine all going to the rear wheels in brutal fashion, through a H-Pattern Gearbox in true Old-School fashion, here you can see it being literally thrown around both from outside and inside.

Rejoice in all the Turbo Flutter sound, flames from the side exhaust and some very well controlled drifts from this iconic machine.

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