Watch as we pull apart a turbo and explain what's inside!

3y ago

A few days ago we posted a video explaining the various components of a turbocharger and their function in boosting the performance of an engine. If you missed it CLICK HERE!

In this video, we take things one step further and take you through the process of dismantling a complete turbocharger to look at what's inside.

We take a detailed look at how an internal wastegate works, the internal structure of the turbine and compressor housing. An up close look at the turbine, shaft and compressor wheel and dive in to the bearing and oil/coolant system.

NOTE: There is a small error at the start of the video. I said "Oil" instead of "Coolant" as I was removing the coolant lines.

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  • Hi congratulations - your post has been selected by DriveTribe engineering Ambassador for promotion on the DriveTribe homepage.

      3 years ago
  • I would have found the bearings interesting, they are what went on my turbo.

      3 years ago