Turbocharged Boxer Monster - The 550Hp Impreza WRX S12 Hillclimber

Charel Valentiny´s Subaru in its most recent evolution

This is Charel Valentiny and his Subaru Impreza WRX S12 Monster, part of the Schilling Team, coming from Luxembourg and faster than ever on this 2019 Season. Now with its 2.5L Flat 4 Engine producing around 550Hp and moving around 1200Kg, it was able to post some very impressive results during this year.

Abreschviller and Osnabruck Hillclimbs were probably the most ompressive showings (and where the footage stems from), breaking into the Top 10 Fastest Touring Car racers present. This AWD will certainly be even faster next year and possibly add even more aerodynamic appendages to the already quite impressive bodywork it features.

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