Turbocharged Triple Rotor 680HP Mazda RX7 at Bathurst

The Legendary circuit is turned ocasionally into an Hillclimb to receive mad machines like this RX7

For those not aware, the Legendary Australian circuit of Mount Panorama (also known as Bathurst) is for most of the time a public road. As it is based around a quite steep Mountain, it is just a matter of adding 2+2 to imagine that Hillclimb events are a perfect match for the location. In fact those were the original racing events run there and to this day the charismatic Mountain is still used in such a way. Just check it...

Pretty cool isn´t it? Well, adding to that awesome bit of road, the video features a pretty outrageous Mazda RX-7 which deserves some proper recognition. Owned, created and raced by Matt Cole, this Time Attack based Monster ( finished 7th on last year´s WTAC ) is the final product of 15 years of handbuilt development on what was originally intended to be a weekend ride.

As it was initially converted into a Track car, Mr. Cole started applying some of the solutions he saw other RX7 owners using. With the Australian Time Attack scene booming and its cars becoming more and more extreme, this machine followed and as it started competing on Rally Sprint, Hillclimb and Time Attack events it evolved into a quite unique full blown racer.

Limited by budget but not by creativity, this machine is now powered by a 680Hp Triple Rotor Turbocharged unit while using a 6 speed sequential Gearbox and Toyota Hilux (!?!) differential coverted with floating hubs. There is still space to evolve as almost no light panels are used and this is a quite heavy machine (over 1200Kg) but it is sporting some quite extreme aerodynamic changes that allow it to keep up with the extremely competitive Time Attack crowd.

All in all, the combination of car/track represents in a nutshell the great Australian motoring scene and how grassroots racing is still alive and capable of delivering both results and spectacularity.

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