- A Nu Dimension GT Boxster conversion kit (image A Nu Dimension)

Turn your classic Porsche Boxster into a 911 Turbo

45w ago


An early model Porsche Boxster is an affordable way to join the world of Porsche ownership. For a small cost It is the stepping stone to new and faster models including the 911 and 911 turbo.

What if there was a way that the dream of owning a Porsche 911, and in this case a 911 Turbo, could be a lot quicker and cost a lot less money than you think.

The original Porsche Boxster (Image Porsche AG)

How, you may ask? Well, a company called ‘A Nu Dimension’ has engineered something quote unique. They call it “the only GT Boxster conversion kit”. The kit includes a lot for the money as you can seeing the image below.

GT Boxster Conversion Kit (Image ‘A Nu Dimension’)

Your Boxster will now resemble a 911 but apparently according to the company is not a ‘replica’. The website states that those with little or no experience can build a modern looking GT car without welding or fabrication.


The final objective … “improve the look of older Porsche models, creating an up-to-date looking model”. What do you think of the end result?

Converted Boxster now a 911 (Image A NU DIMENSION)

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