Turn your Miata into this classic F1 car from the 30's for less than $25k

Alfa Romeo's most successful racing car, worked upon by Enzo Ferrari

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Did you know that Scuderia Ferrari was Alfa Romeo's official racing division in the early 1930s? Headed by the man, Enzo Ferrari, he managed legendary drivers under him and assisted Alfa in developing the 158, a.k.a the Alfetta (or little Alfa). The 158 became one of the most successful racing cars of the firm, winning most races it entered, including the historic first Grand Prix World Championship race at Silverstone. And now, you can have one too.

When I say that, I mean you can have a car looking just like the Alfa Romeo 158 but with the mechanicals of an iconic sports car - the MX-5. Television presenter Ant Anstead is offering a Tipo184 car kit that allows you to convert a Mazda Miata into perhaps the most successful vintage race car ever.

Before ordering a kit right away, you should get hold of an Mk2 Mazda MX-5 with a manual transmission, acting as the donor car. This car has to be stripped to its base for the body kit elements to be installed. The Tipo 158 body kit, which comprises of the tubular chassis, the beautiful red-painted, handmade body panels, the front grille, exhaust system, steering column and other components, can then be bolted on by the owner himself, using the multiple guides and videos provided on the website or get it done by the kit manufacturer themselves.

Even though the body will largely resemble the original vintage racer, the engine, borrowed from the donor car, will be a relatively modern 142hp 1.8-litre mill from Mazda, and so will be the manual transmission. The rest of the vehicle features a single-seat setup with custom suspension and those period-resembling spoke wheels for the proper Grand Prix race car feels.

Anstead says of his creation: "I was so inspired by the Alfa 158 that I made my own version of it from scratch. It's so satisfying building and then driving your own beautiful car that I wanted to give other enthusiasts the chance to get into their garages and workshops, open up the toolbox and do the same. It's been a tough time for plenty of people in the past year, so I'd also underline how good for your mental wellbeing it is to make something as beautiful as the Tipo184 from scratch."

Apart from building your own vintage race car, the owners will also be eligible for a one-make race series. According to the TV presenter, this track day event will be conducted in association with the British Racing & Sports Car Club (BRSCC) and will be "one of the most affordable single-seater race series in the world".

On the subject of affordability, the kit is available to buy from the Tipo184 website directly and can be had as a series of bite-sized modules for the leisurely builders or the full shebang at £16,450 ($22,950). In terms of raw appeal and sheer art on display, this has to be one of the most beautiful conversions ever. The added benefits of the race series and the DIY kit make you more involved with your car - just like the olden days. Don't we want that!

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Comments (22)

  • I think that it's a little overpriced, seeing as how I've seen Factory 5 Cobra replicas go for less than that, with everything but the engine, it is nice but I think I'd rather have a Cobra kit car for less money

      1 month ago
    • Not sure about the pricing but as a package with the track days, I think its a brilliant way to revive open top old school racing. Plus the racing would propel you to keep the car in shape. This demands attention which only used to happen in the...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • No you don't get the racing experience, I just think that this kit is worth about half what he is asking

        1 month ago
  • The 4% of the readers who voted no are watching a wrong website.

      1 month ago
  • I appreciate the attempt but... It looks soooo fake...

    I would have preferred a design inspired to the original, not a photocopy.

    Moreover the prototype made by Anstead has at least a true Alfa engine ( a Bialbero taken from a spider).

      1 month ago
  • Why not a kit Alfa TZ. It could be street legal and use Alfa components. There are a ton of old Alfa spiders around. Many with, ahem, body issues.

      1 month ago
  • i thinking that we all should buy those mahindra maxxi truck chassis or any pickup truck chassis and build a pre ww2 race cars out of it. i am thinking its going to be a super hit racing series in india

      1 month ago