Turning the Porsche 968 into a work of art

Marking the 30th anniversary of Porsche’s coveted Nineties coupe with a flash of French fashion

2w ago

Inspired by a desire to celebrate our relationship with cars, Parisian entrepreneur Arthur Kar started his fashion label ‘L’Art De L’Automobile’ in 2017. This month, to coincide with Paris Fashion Week, he has unveiled a project some 18 months in the making that unites his twin passions in a unique form of automotive expression.

Called 968 L'ART’, Kar’s sculptural work reimagines the transaxle Porsche 968, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, introducing ultra-modern forms to the original design. Remarkably, Kar’s art car is fully driveable, its suitability for everyday use reflecting a core value of his streetwear.

The roof of the 968 L’ART has been entirely removed to create an authentic Roadster silhouette. The extensively redesigned rear, meanwhile, is inspired by the G-Series 911 Speedster, with new taillights featuring the same ‘KAR’ lettering that has also been used on L'Art sunglasses. Kar and his team developed a shade of green especially for the project and Porsche partners TAG Heuer, Recaro and Bose added products of their own to the interior. These include a one-off TAG Heuer stopwatch in the dashboard, RECARO bucket seats covered with a bespoke leather from ECCO Leather EL3 and a unique audio system.

The car will be on display as part of an art installation in the Marais district of Paris from 30 September to 3 October 2021.To celebrate its unveiling, Kar is teaming up with Porsche to launch two different capsule fashion collections. One is produced by L’Art De L’Automobile with its unique styles and will be sold at the exhibition, in high-end fashion stores and online. The second collection consists of six pieces produced by Porsche and can be purchased online and in selected Porsche Centres.

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Comments (6)

  • So elegant, anybody agree with me?

      13 days ago
  • Looks pretty cool I like it

      13 days ago
  • Just another kit car that could have been based on anything from a Mk2 Escort to an MX5.

    Honestly I'd much rather have the original 968. Or the original MX5. Come to think of it, I'd even take a battered old Escort over this.

      13 days ago
  • Well that didn't improve the looks on the 968 at all. (but I am a 944 guy so I may be biased).

      14 days ago
  • Lost for words. Definitely different.

      14 days ago