Turns out driving car into open trailer doesn’t always work like in the movies

4d ago


They may be able to drive a car into the back of a trailer in the movies, but not in real life. A driver in Northampton Massachusetts found that out the hard way Wednesday morning.

According to cops via a Facebook post, they responded to a report of a motor vehicle collision and a woman was reported to be trapped in the vehicle but was uninjured. Turns out the female driver had driven her Subaru Forester into the back of an open landscape trailer.

There were indeed no injuries, but the driver was cited. You can see the Facebook post in all its glory below, or here.

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  • Did she try to Imitate Knight rider? Because that`s how you DON`T imitate the hoff!

    1 day ago
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  • I’m sure phone use had something to do with it. It’s such an epidemic. Please put down the phone and drive. That’s why the manual is dying off, people can’t text and drive.

    2 days ago
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