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Turns out you can't control your heart.

A childhood dream that came true.

It's been a long time since I'm here on DriveTribe. After a lot of posts and bumps (5.1K times Thank You!) I've finally decided to share with all of you my story with the Fulvia. It all begins when I was 8 years old, I've finally had a PC and one of my first PC videogames was Rally Trophy. That game was so good but also very tricky but, I was really mesmerized by the Fulvia, so much that I've spent a lot of time to win everything in that game with it.

Me and my Fulvia at Santa Maria Capua Vetere during a meeting.

Me and my Fulvia at Santa Maria Capua Vetere during a meeting.

And from that moment I've started to discover all the Lancia history, I was astonished when it turned out that Fiat actually ruined the Lancia during the 90's. How a prestigious band like this, with plenty of good models and innovation on top of all was in that conditions? And why they don't invest any effort in the brand?

I didn't knew that, the only thing that I knew from that moment was that I've wanted one Fulvia for my own.

My Fulvia at my first meeting in Santa Maria Capua Vetere

My Fulvia at my first meeting in Santa Maria Capua Vetere

Time has passed, and in 2011 I've managed to get the driving license. in my garage I had a bizarre choice of cars to drive. A VW Golf Mk4 2.0 TDI, VW Golf Mk5 1.9 TDI, Opel Astra G Station 2.0 Diesel and my favorite, a '77 Fiat 128 CL.

The car that I've enjoyed the most was the 128, it was so brilliant, I had a lot of fun with it driving in the mountains and I also had an heroic Highway trip from Caserta to Milan at 130 Km/h with the 4'th gear.

Unfortunately in the 2013 I've moved to London, and there I've spent almost 6 months, during them my family without my approval, decided to get rid of the 128. When I was back I had a hard discussion with my father, and at the end of it, he said: "I don't wanna see a petrol car anymore in my house" And with only that statement i was without my fav car, but non for to long...

And also, during those years I had the occasion to see the Lancia Special on Top Gear, and by listening the words of Clarkson about the Fulvia I was finally convinced to find my sunset over Charlize Theron.

The 2015 was the good year for realize my dream, fortunately I've won a scratchcard and with 5K as budget I've instantly looked for a Fulvia. I didn't care about my father words because that money was my money, and so I've found after 2 weeks of evaluation my Fulvia. A Fulvia Safari (333 of 600), but the sad thing about it it's that all the black plastic detail was substituted with the one of the Fulvia 2 (Chromed), except for the wheels who were painted in grey. Seriously, I would really appreciate to turn back to normal my car, but I love it as it looks right now, and I don't think I'll do it as soon as possible.

Every Time my father put some Engine-oil on the uglys VW's my heart is full of joy

giovanni Rauccio

After had spent 4 months for the (Oil change, brakes revision, carburetor wire, carburetor revision, brake wire) my car was finally ready. And God if it's great!

After that moment I've instantly went to Caserta Vecchia and tested it around the corners of the "Via Provinciale per Caserta Vecchia" and on the streets of the Medieval city itself, In that moment I felt like i was back in the 70' (even if I wasn't born yet), A red car with the windows down and elbow out, Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street on my vintage cassette stereo in a medieval city, it was bizarre and aesthetic at the same time.

But the pure joy was yet to come, on the "Via Provinciale." There the stereo was turned off, and the elbow was inside the car, my body was completly focused on the driving experience.

Also the rear of my car is really light, so light that everytime I drive the car I need to feel the weights of the car moving around, in "order to survive", and I love that feeling, then inside the Fulvia you have a complete all-around vision of everything outside your car and that helps a lot.

But the "H.M.V4" Lancia V4 engine was the protagonist of a beautiful classical song during the driving experience.

Cutting the corners is amazing, and none of the SUVs that people buys today give you that purism and that joy of driving that this car gives to you.

And that's how it went, Now I live in London, and my Fulvia is in Italy, Eventually I'll talk to you in the future about my project of bringing the Fulvia here in London and let her survive to the humidity of this city, also some "green suggestion" that i have in mind in order to go in center London, and maybe, why not Baker Street? my cassette is already in the stereo.

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